About Chamilka

I've loved photography for as long as I can remember. Rifling through old photos, getting the scoop behind old family and friends and when no scoop was available, inventing stories to match expressions, outfits and hairdos. I also caught on pretty quickly as a child, just how much happiness the ability to reminisce can bring. So for their birthdays, when all my other cousins gave our grand parents store bought birthday presents, I would be cutting up photographs of all of us (my mum was 1 of 8 so there were many cousins), pasting them together artistically and give them photographic gifts. My granddad was not one to show a great deal of emotion, but his reaction when he got that first frame is still a vivid memory that stays close to my heart. That frame remained on his dresser for as long as I could remember – testimony to the happiness and pride that filled him, each time he saw the newest generation he had created.

Once I was old enough to operate a camera, I enjoyed capturing many great memories for our family. I also had my fair share of tragic experience: photographing an entire party without a film roll in my camera; half way through a holiday, panicked that I didn't have a film roll loaded, plied open the camera only to expose the entire reel; dropping and breaking a few cameras, and possibly the most tragic of them all...I'm in the front row of people awaiting the entrance of the Queen at Westminster Abbey and... I miss her as she walked past... I know she's short but to this day I'm baffled as to how I managed to miss the QUEEN when she was less than 3 meters away from me. At the end of the procession, when I whispered to my friend "where's the Queen?" he looked at me in disbelief, flicked me a 50p coin and said: "Next time look for a lady who looks like this"...

You'd think that was enough to keep me and photography apart. But in reality, having moved around a lot as a child, hanging onto memories meant a lot, therefore so were my photos. Now married and with two beautiful boys, life seems to be in fast forward more than ever. The only way I can make time stand still is with my camera. And it is this desire to make time stand still for others that drives my passion for photography.

I met Shireen and the FOV team through an AIPP mentoring group. Not only was their imagery stunning but their enthusiasm and love for their clientele is what makes this more than just a job. It truly is an honour to be picked to photograph your wedding because for one day you open up your hearts and your home and allow me to witness a privilege that is reserved for all your beloved family and friends... And like all the other photographers on the FOV team, we become so much more than just your photographer on the day. I really enjoy getting to know my couples and becoming a natural part of their wedding day, making sure it is the perfect way to start the rest of their lives together.


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