About Jodee

I remember spending many late nights as a kid, in the dark, behind the family projector which beamed my parent's old transparencies onto our lounge room wall or lazy Sundays spent digging through family photos – digging because they were all kept in large cardboard boxes. We would all love and laugh at the fashions, hairstyles and facial expressions and listen to every story that went along with nearly every one of them. Often I would lay out photo after photo and create my own stories from them. The odd few were blurry and smudgy with complete heads missing – which, as it turns out, were my very early attempts at photography. Lucky for me, (and you) things improved!

I can't be sure, but it was perhaps this early fascination with photos that led me to study photography as part of a Bachelor of Arts degree. Initially attracted to photojournalism, I started shooting weddings before graduating and quickly fell in love with wedding photography – meshing perfectly a love of documentary, creativity and people watching.

My other love (as well as being married to the most gorgeous man and having two cute as pie children) is coffee. But that's irrelevant...unless I haven't had a coffee before shooting your wedding!

Originally from Perth, Western Australia, I met Shireen when I first lived in Melbourne nearly 10 years ago – being her assistant photographer on her very first wedding. She has been a wonderful mentor, friend and inspiration ever since.

After travelling extensively, a wedding of my own and two beautiful children, I made Melbourne home and jumped at the chance to be part of the Field of Vision team. It is a real privilege, a pleasure and a lot of fun to be there on the day capturing the effort, emotion, organization and expectation that goes into planning a wedding.

It is an honour to be chosen to shoot your wedding day and to this end - I have studied, trained, experienced and enjoyed photography so that each wedding I capture is a genuine success. Although my wedding photography has won AIPP National Awards, at the end of the day, my priority is always to have an exceptionally happy bride and groom enjoying and reliving their wedding through their photos.


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