About Nathan

Arriving in Australia in 1978 with my father we settled in sunny Queensland and I grew up in a suburb just north of Brisbane where we called home for 10 years. Good old Ipswich.

Growing up was tough, challenging and at times difficult, however with my father providing me with the discipline and guidance through life, I managed to come out a bit alright... most of the time!

Seeking fame and fortune, my father and I moved to Melbourne where we became very fond of seeing many diversified cultures and an abundance of opportunities for the both of us.

It was during my educational years where I discovered and became appreciative of the art form in photography. Growing up with Dad, he always had his trusty Canon AE-1 around to make sure there wasn't a photo he missed. Not knowing nor with any intention, the old fella bestowed a love in the art form which has stayed with me. Furthering my studies at Southbank's Photography's Studies College, it was here that I uncovered my calling and found the desire that has driven me to continually seek fulfilment in working with people.

Not only has this field provided me with the opportunity to touch people's lives one at a time, but has also provided me with the emotional reward that comes with it. Known to shed a tear or two during a wedding, I thrive seeing families unite in harmony during the celebrations of two families coming together. One of my most memorable moments I've had on a wedding shoot is where a little girl, not knowing me before the wedding day of her parents gave me one of the most warmest and genuine hugs I could have ever received... priceless.

Now, with my own family, my awesome wife who has provided me with continual support on this journey, our beautiful daughter who I hope shall follow in one of our footsteps, oh, last but not least Nini, Patchy and Maci, our four legged family members.

Through the AIPP, I met Shireen and I was completely taken by her ridiculously contagious sense of humour but also her willingness to share her knowledge and also the opportunity to be part of an amazing team. Completely honoured and humbled I'm the newest member to the Field of Vision family.


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