About Shireen

Growing up in England and having a father who (conveniently) managed an International Airline - gave Shireen her first taste of extensive travelling from the tender age of two years old and brought about her fascination of people, lifestyles, different cultures and their traditions.

The love of travelling saw her set off around the world at the age of 17, with her first stop being Australia , she loved it so much - she never left. (That and the fact that she ran out of money!) Here, she built her life, found the man of her dreams - married and had four beautiful children by the age of 30.

Although interrupted from time to time - (well wouldn't you be if you had four little ankle biters!) her camera has never left her side, nor has her wonderful husband Robbie - who is the support team, graphic artist and all round good guy behind her wonderful imagery - (She was forced to put that in!)

Whilst she has been a successful business woman for most of her young life - it was at the still tender age of 29 that she decided it was time to focus on her career. (She's forty one now - but if you see her - tell her she looks 35 - it's easier on her.....and you may get a discount!) Being a diligent, self taught photographer - she decided to increase her skills and studied at the International College of Professional Photography earning her Diploma of Photography and launched full bore into Wedding Photography, as this was the area that fulfilled her love of people, lifestyles, cultures and traditions. (seeeee! we were going somewhere with the story earlier!!!!)

This is her chosen field and absolute passion in life - it is not a job, and there lies the difference that can't be mistaken. Her love of people and life, her engaging (and often witty) sense of humour - has given her a knack of putting her couples so at ease with her, that it allows her to capture beautifully relaxed, natural and spontaneous moments (many of her colleagues are seething with jealousy) and her couples love her soooooo much that many of them have become long standing friends. (Seriously!)

Who better to trust and share your day with? (You'd better make an appointment quickly! - go on......pick up the phone - you KNOW you want to.....................)


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