How to Pick Your Wedding Style – Top 5 Wedding Styles

Vintage Wedding

Vintage style weddings and photography are always in high demand. Think old, classic, romantic. It could be that the entire wedding has a vintage theme, or just the photography (it usually looks best when the two work hand in hand). Much of our award winning wedding photography has been shot in a vintage style – often showcasing gorgeous vintage dresses and cars.


FOV_Fiona and Sean

Linda & David_colour-2Country Wedding

Escape the concrete jungle and go rural for your big day. Country weddings are beautiful because they are set among nature, in gorgeous open spaces that you don’t always get in the city.

FOV_Rachel and Pater-01

Glam Wedding
A wedding with wow-factor – that’s what glam is all about! These weddings can be moderately sized or extravagant, but the small details are what make a difference – a bold red lip, some glitz and luxury.

FOV_Esha and James-02Destination Wedding
A destination wedding is perfect for those who want to escape the norm and turn their celebration of love into a holiday. It can be ANYWHERE – somewhere you have never been before or a location that you both hold dear.

FOV_Imgrid&PaulBeach Wedding
Beach weddings are simply beautiful. There is something so calming and freeing about being by the ocean. They also often have an air of simplicity to them, perfect for couples who don’t align with a big, fancy wedding. FOV_Suzanne and Patrick-01P_VPs_149



What to Include In Your Wedding “Emergency Kit”


Years of dreaming and months of preparation for your wedding day often culminates in many moments of stress and anxiety – even though it shouldn’t! It is our mission to make your photography experience as relaxed and seamless as possible, which is why we provide each of our clients with recommendations for their wedding shoot “emergency kit”.

If you want to ensure your wedding day is as enjoyable and relaxed as possible, make sure you pack these items and leave them in a safe, accessible place, like the car.


The key to any good wedding emergency kit is preparation. It’s no use throwing together random items the night before or day of the wedding – your pack should be ready to go at least a week in advance (and put somewhere that you won’t forget).

Here’s what to include:

  • Hairspray/brush/comb
  • Lipstick
  • Foundation (to cover red noses)
  • Mini multi thread sewing kit (you can buy from Safeway or Coles). Get the colour of the suits, the bridesmaid dresses and OF COURSE the wedding dress!
  • ‘Party feet’ if you think you’ll need – or a change of shoes for locations
  • Bandaids
  • Headache, muscle ache, hay fever, anti nausea etc, tablets
  • Umbrella’s – one for each couple in the bridal party including yourself. White umbrella’s are great for winter or summer – any colour but red!!
  • Lots of water, nibbles, refreshments in an esky
  • Bobby pins/safety pins/hair clips/hair ties
  • Wet ones and bath towel (so the bride can eat in the back of the car)
  • Deoderant. Groom may also like to bring a spare shirt.
  • If your location is at the beach, bring a hand towel to wipe sandy feet

All of these items can be stored in a small toiletries bag and left in the wedding car. We only hope we DON’T have to use them (wow, wouldn’t that be perfect), but we would hate to be stuck without them!!

Having an emergency kit packed and ready to go will save you so much stress and ensure your day runs to plan. Consider this when prepping for your day – over preparation will allow you to “take on” any challenge that comes your way, whereas under preparation is a recipe for disaster.


Home Is Where My Dog Is Volume II – Monthly Draw & Competition


In celebration of Home Is Where My Dog Is Volume II, we are giving you the opportunity to win a special photo package for your precious pooch. Every few weeks we will be calling out a specific breed to enter the comp and win the following:

– Pre-consult
– Shoot
– Design appointment
– 10 x 7 matted wall portrait

Each winner will go into the draw to win a two page spread in Shireen’s book Home Is Where My Dog Is Volume II. Check out Field of Vision Photography on Facebook and Instagram to find out which breed is eligible at the moment.

– Go to the posts on our Facebook Page
– Comment with a pic of your dog!

It’s that easy! We will randomly be selecting winners to receive the photography experience and entry into the draw. The Home Is Where My Dog Is Volume II prize will be randomly awarded to one of our winners.

*** To win the monthly prize and go into the major prize draw, you MUST comment on the FOV Facebook page with a photo of your dog.

Shireen Hammond M.Photog WINS 2015 AIPP Victorian Wedding Photographer of the Year!

One of the Awarded Wedding Photographs that Shireen won AIPP Victorian Wedding Photographer of the Year - with her couple Linda and David.

One of the Winning Awarded Wedding Photographs that Shireen Hammond from Field of Vision Photography won –  as the  “2015 AIPP Victorian Wedding Photographer of the Year”.              Here, her couple Linda and David have a moment on their wedding day at Fitzroy Town Hall.




Well it’s been a loooonnnnnggggg time between posts!!   But why not start if off with a BANG!!

We’re soooo thrilled and excited to announce that our very own Shireen Hammond M.Photog II  – was just awarded with the very prestigious 2015 AIPP Victorian Photographer of the Year Award, making this her FOURTH time of winning this fabulous title!

Congratulations Shireen and Robert and the whole Team at Field of Vision Photography!  What a fabulous result!  Also, we MUST say a massive Thankyou to our gorgeous bride and grooms who made it all possible!  Linda and David, Mini and Roman, Nancy and Norman, Sarah and Tim and Courtney and Joel.

What a fabulous result after winning 2014 Victorian Family Photographer of the Year last Year!  Go team FOV once again!!  Whoop Whoop!


The Wedding of Tom & Tiffany at Montsalvat in Melbourne

I can honestly say that from our very first meeting I knew that Tom & Tiffany were a very special couple. They held their wedding at Montsalvat in Melbourne. It was a stunning wedding and Montsalvat was in its normal splendour. Tom & Tiffany not only had their ceremony at Montsalvat but also used Montsalvat for all their locations. What better wedding venue for photography is there? A beautiful day and a beautiful couple. Thank you Tom & Tiffany, I loved every minute.











Bride-Groom-Great Hall-Car-Wedding-Tom-and-Tiffany-Montsalvat-Melbourne



Bride-GroomGreat hall-Reception-Wedding-Tom-and-Tiffany-Montsalvat-Melbourne

Bride-Groom-great Hall-reception-Wedding-Tom-and-Tiffany-Montsalvat-Melbourne