Why Should I have a Family Portrait?

Why Should I have a Family Portrait?

James and NinaIn Loving Memory of my Father James. Pictured here with my niece Nina 2006.

I have always been renowned as a wedding photographer, but after my father died just a few short years ago, I realized the importance of the family photo, especially when you realize "all to late" that you have none...

I remember my sister and I searching through every album that my mother had put together from when we were young - trying to find a single family photo of my brothers, sister, parents and I - only to find that there were actually none of us altogether after the age of 2 years old. We were devastated.

It never matters until you need it, crave it, or wish you had it - does it? Well, now I have a serious passion, to capture families, siblings, generations and the relationships of family...

As in my weddings - I prefer to take you and your family to a special location, which we decide together, allowing the children (however old) and you, to have fun and allow you to be yourselves, instead of in a studio. Taking lifestyle family portraits that will delight you every time you look at them... Heart warming images that capture you and your family, just as you are in this moment in time.

More than that, I have learned that even though your images are special now, in just a few years time they will become even more important. They will become treasured memories that you will cherish forever.

Please don't hesitate to call me on 9439 7777, and we can discuss the kind of images that you have always wanted. We will have a stylizing session, in your home or in my Cottage Studio where we will discuss, the style, clothes, hair, locations, the time and then we are off on the journey!

Look forward to chatting with you soon. Shireen.

Shireen Hammond, M.Photog

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